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Organic white sourdough tin - Sole Bay Sourdough
Organic white sourdough tin - Sole Bay Sourdough
Organic white sourdough tin - Sole Bay Sourdough

Organic white sourdough tin

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A true slow-fermented sourdough loaf. No baker's yeast in sight.

But baked in a tin for a classic British bakery shape and a lovely light crumb under a crispy crust. Makes fantastic sandwiches and toast!

A classic white version, based on traditional French bakery style, with a light crumb and a slightly sweeter flavour than the wholegrain version.

This amazing loaf is leavened with my own home-made wild yeast starter (which itself comprises only organic flour and water).

Hand-mixed, slow fermented, and made exclusively with certified organic strong white bread flour, with a touch of organic wholegrain flour.

Guaranteed home-baked in Reydon, Suffolk.

Appearance (pattern and colour) varies according to my whim!

Available in two sizes.


  • organic white wheat flour
  • organic wholegrain wheat flour
  • organic sea salt
  • home fermented leaven (from our own organic starter)
  • water

That's it! No preservatives, no sugar, no milk, no colouring!

Guaranteed vegetarian and vegan.

This loaf is wonderful when absolutely fresh, but actually improves in flavour over 1 to 2 days, and will keep very well for a week in the fridge (in a bag) or wrapped in cloth in a cool place.

It also freezes wonderfully.

This loaf is NOT gluten free, though there is a great deal of evidence that the slow fermentation of sourdough makes this style of bread easier to digest, and that it can be eaten by people who are intolerant of gluten. NOT suitable for people with coeliac disease.

Organic white sourdough tin - Sole Bay Sourdough

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